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BD myShopi signs up to Green Deal for Sustainable Urban Logistics | NPM Capital

December 12, 2019
BD myShopi signs up to Green Deal for Sustainable Urban Logistics | NPM Capital

BD myShopi has signed the Green Deal for Sustainable Urban Logistics (Green Deal Duurzame Stedelijke Logistiek), which was launched early in 2019 by 34 other participants and the Flemish government. In signing the deal, this specialist in online and offline consumer activities in Belgium has committed to setting up either one or two innovative actions in the coming year that are intended to make deliveries in Flanders more efficient whilst producing lower emissions.

Seventh Green Deal
The Environment Minister introduced Green Deals as an initiative to make businesses and other sectors ‘greener’. The Green Deal for Sustainable Urban Logistics is the seventh Green Deal in Flanders. Under this deal, private-sector partners and the Flemish authorities make voluntary agreements to work together on the development of a green project. Businesses and organisations can submit their own proposals for a deal, and the authorities are committed to tackling any sticking points that could get in the way of increasing sustainability.

All actions taken within this Green Deal must have at least one of the following four aims:

  • to reduce kilometres driven;
  • to switch those kilometres to a more environmentally friendly time or means of transport;
  • to make the kilometres greener through the use of zero-emission vehicles;
  • to bring the signatories together to achieve sustainable urban logistics.

Fewer kilometres and greener vehicles

In signing the Green Deal, BD myShopi (an NPM Capital portfolio company) is aiming not only to reduce the number of kilometres driven, but also to move the kilometres that are necessary to more efficient time slots and to switch to more environmentally friendly vehicles – or even zero-emission vehicles. Wherever possible, a vehicle that enters the city full should also leave the city full. BD myShopi is aiming to achieve this by offering user-friendly last-mile solutions, involving electric cargo bikes and vans, to deliver items such as e-commerce purchases and baggage.

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