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About us

About us

Background NPM Capital

NPM was established in 1948 as part of the post-war reconstruction effort to provide risk capital to Dutch companies. The company experienced strong growth in the eighties in line with the development of venture capital and private equity in those years and got listed on the stock exchange in 1987. NPM was subsequently delisted by SHV Holdings in 2000. Since then, NPM Capital has been part of SHV.

Investment focus

Our investment focus is primarily on the long term. We help our portfolio companies grow into the next development phase in both scale and professionalism, even if this takes 10 years or more. In order to properly support these processes, we are delving into several meta trends we firmly believe will increase in importance in the coming decades – and offer unique growth opportunities for businesses.

  • Everything is Digital
  • Feeding the World
  • Sustainable Future
  • Healthy Life and Learning


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Corporate responsibility

We believe corporate responsibility is of great importance and one of the fundamental pillars for long term value creation. We stimulate our portfolio companies to proactively support social themes, among others by making innovation and sustainability an integral part of their strategy. Following from our ambition to be socially relevant, we aim to respond with our investments to long term trends such as wellbeing, resource scarcity and the rise of technology.

As part of our continued focus on corporate responsibility, NPM has integrated Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) in all stages of its investment approach. Besides being selective in our investment choices, we are supporting our portfolio companies in their ESG strategies and related priority projects to incorporate sustainability in the core of their business processes. Progress of our efforts is monitored via annual ESG portfolio scans and adequate oversight via Supervisory Board ESG meetings.

After a long cooperation with The Hunger Project, we have started working with Spieren voor Spieren in 2019. This foundation aims to eradicate all muscle diseases in children and NPM is happy to contribute to this goal, amongst other things by raising funds with sportive activities.

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NPM Capital is proud to be part of the SHV Family of Companies. SHV is a global family business with an impressive portfolio of companies with presence in 73 countries: SHV Energy, Makro, Mammoet, ERIKS, Nutreco, KiwaNPM Capital and ONE-Dyas

56,750 people shape SHV, all sharing the same Purpose and Values. SHV’s most important values are integrity and trust. Integrity means being honest, genuine and totally open in communications about all matters which concern the company. Good news may travel slowly, bad news should travel quickly. SHV trusts its people to put their best effort into working for the company, its progress and achieving success within their capabilities and in line with our values.

Courage to care for generations to come.
Our purpose is the glue that connects us. A long-term vision supported by our shareholders. For our people, for our planet, for our performance.
SHV operates globally and is organised decentrally to ensure the diversified businesses can operate close to their customers and maintain loyal customer relationships.

For more information about SHV, visit the website. 

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