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Suitsupply on Bloomberg: Shopping should be a personal journey

Buy & Build

31 May 2018

Fokke de Jong, founder and CEO of NPM portfolio company Suitsupply, was recently a guest on the Bloomberg Markets programme where he explained the company’s strategy and expansion plans to hosts Vonnie Quinn and Mark Barton.

De Jong believes Suitsupply’s immense success – the company has opened more than 100 store locations worldwide in just ten years’ time – is thanks to a smart combination of online and offline. Suitsupply combines the best of both worlds.

The company invests on the one hand in stylish stores with well-trained staff at A locations, which always have a tailor in-store who can immediately make any necessary alterations. On the other hand the company has an attractive website on which the entire collection is presented and customers can reserve items of clothing. De Jong explains that the back-ends of both channels have been seamlessly integrated since day one. This gives Suitsupply the opportunity to transform shopping into a genuinely personal journey.

De Jong said the large challenge facing the company is achieving further expansion, without this coming at the expense of the quality of the range. Suitsupply products are characterised by high-quality materials and extensive hand-tailoring. The high level of staff training also means unbridled growth isn’t an option. ‘We grow at a pace that we consider to be responsible,’ says De Jong.

Watch the interview with Fokke de Jong here.

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