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Ploeger Oxbo Group unifies under Oxbo brand to support customers and strategic growth | NPM Capital

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September 6, 2022
Ploeger Oxbo Group unifies under Oxbo brand to support customers and strategic growth | NPM Capital

Ploeger Oxbo Group announced the global adoption of the Oxbo brand across its product portfolio as well as a fresh, new website. For many years Ploeger Oxbo Group delivered its products under the brand names Oxbo, Ploeger, Bourgoin and FMC. Going forward, these brands will be united under one single brand name. Unifying under the Oxbo brand name will better represent the global identity and strategic direction, while improving communication with customers and employees via one single website and unified social media channels.

Adopting Oxbo as the single, global brand illustrates the company’s commitment to building on shared values as well as its dedication to a shared vision for the future of farming. Under the Oxbo brand, the company will continue to develop innovative products and technologies that provide additional value to its customers and to support all customers around the world as one team. Moving to the Oxbo brand marks the final milestone of a long-term focus to align the organization to better meet the future needs of a global customer base while highlighting a shared passion for agriculture and a commitment to partnership.

“All our brands represent a long and rich history of product development, innovation, and customer focus,” says Roel Zeevat, CEO of Oxbo. “For decades, our employees across the globe have set us apart as we deliver on our brand promise every day. As one Oxbo team, we strive to be the clear choice for specialty harvesting and controlled application technologies.”

The new branding will be rolled out across the globe for model year 2023 products. The improved website will provide an enhanced experience and single point of information for all customers around the world.

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