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NPM Capital acquires majority stake in CT Energy and Ealyze | NPM Capital

September 8, 2020
NPM Capital acquires majority stake in CT Energy and Ealyze | NPM Capital

Amsterdam, 8 September 2020

Investment company NPM Capital acquires a majority stake in CT Energy and Ealyze. CT Energy is active in the field of innovative energy management for corporate energy clients. Ealyze, also known as Het Meetbedrijf, installs, manages and maintains smart energy meters for the corporate market.

The acquisitions are a further fulfilment of the investment strategy employed by NPM Capital in the renewable energy sector and follow the majority stake that the investment company acquired in Rooftop Energy (June 2019), Greenspread (February 2020) and Solaris Industria (February 2020). The parties will not disclose any additional financial details about the two transactions.

Jeroen de Haas, former CEO of Eneco and chairman of the group of companies, explains: ‘We are pleased that we can now, very specifically, give further effect to our acquisition agenda which, besides upscaling in terms of renewable generation capacity, also focuses on expanding our services in the energy supply chain. With these acquisitions, we close the energy supply chain, as it were, and bring the generation and consumption of renewable energy as close together as possible. We are convinced that this new way of working and the associated shortening of the chain are the only means to manage an energy system that’s based, to an increasing extent, on decentralised and volatile generation sources close to the consumer.’

With the complete group, De Haas says they will soon make it specifically possible for corporate clients to achieve their own energy transition in the coming years. ‘Robust energy data form the foundation of the required energy transition. In recent years, CT Energy and Ealyze both developed leading propositions in the energy supply chain, with a strong focus on the generation and the strategic use of these data. Right now, within the group, we are hard at work combining the various products and services that we already have, to form an overall proposition that we will inform the corporate market about later this year.’

About CT Energy
CT Energy has offered innovative energy management to corporate energy clients since the energy market’s liberalisation in 2004. CT Energy is committed to ensuring a transparent energy price setting by promoting access to the energy markets. By way of smart data-driven solutions, the company also works to improve the energy performance and to make companies more sustainable. As well, CT Energy helps provide insight into the expected expenses and specific savings opportunities, to lower the overall energy costs for clients.

Over the years, CT Energy has become an important player in the energy market, and it serves many organisations in sectors such as government, retail, medical and automotive. CT Energy’s services are data-driven and supported by platform technology. It’s most recent disruptive development focuses on using this platform technology to sell ‘matched’ renewable energy production directly to consumers, without an energy supplier’s involvement, and matched at every hour. In other words, truly sustainable connections. With this, CT Energy prepares corporate clients to participate in the ‘data-driven energy economy’. The company operates from Haarlem, with a team of 20 employees. This number is expected to grow.

Founder and Managing Director Stefan Hooijer and CT Energy’s management team will remain active as shareholders in the group of companies.

Stefan Hooijer says: ‘We are thrilled with the bundling of our sustainable capabilities. The knowledge and clout within the group enable us to employ our innovative services amongst a larger group of energy consumers and also to truly work together on the necessary improvements in the energy supply chain.’

About Ealyze
Ealyze, also operating under the name Het Meetbedrijf, has been successfully active in the energy market for ten years. This rapidly growing business installs, manages and maintains smart energy meters for the corporate market. Ealyze reads the energy meters of several thousand corporate clients daily and distinguishes itself in the market of metering companies through its flexibility, speed and focus on data quality.

Many companies have now realised that sustainability is no longer a niche, but the new norm. Knowing how (much) you can save on energy and CO2 emissions starts with obtaining the correct insights. Ealyze ensures the correct data to obtain insights using smart energy meters.

Joost Zonneveld, founder and managing director, remains active as a shareholder in the group. He explains: ‘The quality of the measurement data for renewable production and the energy consumption forms the basis of the transition to a sustainable energy system. We can accomplish our ambitions for a more sustainable world even more quickly when we do it with the other companies within the group and with our clients.’

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