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Morgens becomes part of the Conclusion ecosystem | NPM Capital

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January 25, 2023
Morgens becomes part of the Conclusion ecosystem | NPM Capital

Stronger position in public sector consultancy services by bundling knowledge and experience 

Business transformation and IT services provider Conclusion is expanding its ecosystem with the renowned consultancy firm Morgens. Morgens advises and supports clients in healthcare, education and government with large-scale change trajectories. Morgens' services include change management, process optimisation, digital and organisational transitions, and strategy development and execution. With the addition of Morgens, Conclusion significantly strengthens its consultancy services, particularly in the public sector.

Drive for progress in the public sector 
Morgens has over 20 years of experience in change and improvement projects at Dutch public organisations. A core element of its approach is the drive for progress ("vooruitgangskracht"): supporting clients today to face the challenges of tomorrow. Morgens has built up a significant track record with organisations in healthcare, education and government, and has long been an important and trusted partner for organisations in the public domain. With 65 employees, Morgens works with hospitals, mental health care institutions, municipal governments, long-term care facilities and public health organisations, the criminal justice system, and higher education at all levels. 

Petra van Zeeland, partner at Morgens, commented: “Our mission is to ensure that our customers are stronger tomorrow than they are today. Conclusion offers an excellent basis to further advance that mission. We see many opportunities for intensive collaboration with other companies in the ecoystem to ensure the accessibility, quality and affordability of organisations in the public domain. We look forward to working with other Conclusion companies to help our clients become even better at realising their tasks for the public. Besides mutually reinforcing each other's business capabilities, we also see many opportunities for our employees in terms of knowledge acquisition, inspiration, and collaboration.”  

Bert Jan de Jongh, Director Business Transformation at Conclusion, said: “Morgens is an established player with an excellent reputation in healthcare, government and education. The addition of Morgens to the Conclusion ecosystem means we now have additional knowledge and expertise to resolve complex business questions in the public sector. This is a great step forward in our full-service offer to clients, from strategy to execution, from technological innovation to adopting new ways of working in the organisation. Besides the synergy in our services, our companies are also a match in culture and character. Pride in our craft and entrepreneurship are important values for both of us.” 

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