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Housing corporations select Conclusion to future-proof IT landscape | NPM Capital

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March 1, 2021
Housing corporations select Conclusion to future-proof IT landscape | NPM Capital

SWEMP, a partnership of housing corporations Staedion, Woonbron, Eigen Haard, Mitros and Portaal, has selected Conclusion as their exclusive partner for the maintenance and transformation of its members' IT landscapes, affecting approximately 2500 end users.

The contract covers the delivery and maintenance of a Modern 365 Workspace, network and telephone services, service desk and on-site support as well as technical application services. In addition, Conclusion will become responsible for the transformation and the maintenance of the underlying server landscapes, including the further development of the Microsoft Azure cloud services. A central architecture will be designed for SWEMP, allowing standardisation across the different corporations. After transforming the IT landscapes, the partners will continue to innovate in order to keep their services to renters accessible, secure and up-to-date.

According to Leon van Meel, director at Conclusion Future IT, the contract with SWEMP is a perfect fit for Conclusion, given the company's strategic focus on organisations with a social relevance. Daan Peters, a member of SWEMP and Manager I&A and Facility at Mitros, adds: "It has become impossible for the in-house teams of housing corporations to keep up with the extremely fast development in IT. That's why we chose to look for an experienced Dutch partner who could help us take our IT services to a higher level, while also offering a good fit in terms of corporate culture. Conclusion was a match on both of these fronts. We're well aware that tomorrow's digital culture is one of co-creation, and that we'll need data and software specialists as well as more traditional positions like rental agents, property developers and maintenance technicians to shape our services. We're supremely confident that this partnership will be the beginning of a successful long-term collaboration."

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