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Hendrix Genetics starts breeding top-quality pigs in Spain | NPM Capital

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January 27, 2021
Hendrix Genetics starts breeding top-quality pigs in Spain | NPM Capital

Hendrix Genetics, market leader in animal genetics and breeding technologies, will start production of so-called db.77-pigs at its own facility in Spain. This top-quality pig originates from BHZP, Germany's largest pig breeding company. Hendrix Genetics was already a distributor for BHZP on the Iberian Peninsula, but based on a new agreement, the company may now breed db.77 pigs itself in order to meet the growing demand of the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

The major advantage of this agreement is that production will take place nearer to the customers, reducing biosecurity risks. Long-distance animal transports and the associated animal welfare problems will also be also avoided.

The sales of db.77 pigs in Spain and Portugal have increased substantially after the breed's introduction by Hendrix Genetics in 2019. This has accelerated the plans to move part of the db.77 production to Spain. As in other db.77 breeding locations, breeding support will be provided by BHZP.

According to Jeroen van de Camp, Area Director Europe of Business Unit Swine, the collaboration between Hendrix Genetics and BHZP enables both companies to outperform their individual results. "Together, we can ensure a high degree of supply security while complying with the highest norms of biosecurity. We trust our customers will quickly see the benefits," Van de Camp said. Jose Maria Equejo Puerto, General Manager Southern Europe of Business Unit Swine, adds: "With the db.77 pigs of BHZP, our customers gain access to a finished product that satisfies the highest demands regarding feed conversion, carcass criteria and meat quality."

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