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Grand opening of Zorgwerk Academy | NPM Capital

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August 9, 2022
Grand opening of Zorgwerk Academy | NPM Capital

The new location of Zorgwerk Academy was officially opened at the Haringvliet in Rotterdam. Much work went into preparing the location over the summer. The result is a beautiful and inspiring learning environment for Zorgwerk employees.

Because Zorgwerk wants to devote significant attention to the quality and personal development of its employees, the company provides a wide range of weekly training opportunities. Previously, these were organised at various external locations throughout the country, but Zorgwerk now has a training site of its own.

The first trainings at the new location have already begun. Practice nurse Aukje enthusiastically gave her first patient lift training. In addition to patient lift trainings, a range of other trainings will be on offer on topics such as technical nursing skills, emergency response and medication.

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