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Dieseko makes rental fleet sustainable | NPM Capital

March 7, 2021
Dieseko makes rental fleet sustainable | NPM Capital

The rental of ICE and PVE vibratory hammers with their corresponding power packs is an important part of Dieseko Group's business. The company based in Sliedrecht, the Netherlands, aims to strongly reduce and in some cases eliminate the emissions of its rental fleet. To achieve this, significant investments will be made in power packs compliant with the most recent European emission norms for engines (Stage-V) as well as a fully electric power pack.

Dieseko currently has over a hundred ICE and PVE vibratory hammers with corresponding power packs available for rent. So far, these power packs (ranging in power from 120 kW to 1130 kW) have all been diesel-powered. In order to meet the increasingly stringent European emission standards (particularly Stage-V, the successor of Stage-IV), Dieseko aims to have all power packs comply fully with these requirements as soon as possible.

The company now has 11 Stage-IV and 5 Stage-V power packs in operation, and plans to add at least another 5 Stage-V power packs to its rental fleet. In addition, the machines will be supplied with environmentally friendly, biodegradable hydraulic oil. For clients who seek (or are required) to deliver their projects entirely without emissions, the rental fleet will also be expanded this year with an electric-hydraulic power unit. This Dieseko EHPU can be connected to mains power as well as a battery unit.

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