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Dieseko involved in major strategic project in Gdańsk Bay | NPM Capital

October 28, 2020
Dieseko involved in major strategic project in Gdańsk Bay | NPM Capital

Dieseko Polska, a subsidiary of NPM capital portfolio company Dieseko Group, is closely involved in stage 1 of the construction of a new navigation channel between the Vistula Lagoon and Gdańsk Bay (Gulf of Gdańsk) in the Baltic Sea. Its great technical complexity makes this a prestigious project, one that must be carried out under challenging geotechnical conditions.

The new waterway, which connects the Vistula River with Gdańsk Bay, is divided into three subprojects. The first stage of the project is currently underway: the Vistula Spit, a navigation channel with a length of 1.3 kilometres and a depth of 5 metres, in which a lock will also be installed. The overall project also comprises two movable bridges, a protected port in Gdańsk Bay, and a man-made island in the Vistula Lagoon.

Specialised Polish contractors are using two different brand-new Diseko vibrators for the piling of the steel sheet piles: one for precise positioning and one for eventually driving the steel pile into the soil. What makes this project remarkable is that both machines are propelled by a single hydraulic aggregate, the size of which has been adapted to the geotechnical conditions.

Poor weather conditions
In addition to the above-mentioned vibrators, Dieseko Polska also supplied two floating platforms, complete with cranes, equipment and vibratory hammers. The modular structure of both platforms – measuring 12 by 36 metres and 12 by 24 metres, respectively – means they can be adjusted to the needs of specific jobs. Four 20-metre-long stabilising ‘stilts’ are used to anchor these platforms into the soil; this means they can remain in place even in poor weather conditions (to which the Baltic Sea is no stranger) and do not need to be dragged to the port.

Finally, Dieseko Polska will also be supplying an excavator (on a chassis that can transition between land and water modes and can therefore be adapted to floating operation) for the long-term maintenance of the project, including a dredging system with a capacity of 800 cubic metres per hour. This is the first machine of its kind to become available in the Polish hydrotechnical market.

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