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Dieseko Group joins forces with SmartGrid and Elma Technology | NPM Capital

Sustainable Future
July 16, 2021
Dieseko Group joins forces with SmartGrid and Elma Technology | NPM Capital

Dieseko Group has entered into a strategic partnership with SmartGrid clean energy storage systems, and Elma Technology, expert in electric drive and control technology. This creates a group of specialists who can pool their expertise in the field of foundation equipment, energy storage, and electrical control. Together with these partners, Dieseko will further develop its emission-free drive for foundation rigs.

The Dieseko Group has the strategic ambition to make a significant contribution to a sustainable, emission-free construction site. To this end, the company has already introduced a number of initiatives, such as the production of OEM electric hydraulic power units and very low emission hydraulic power units for foundation rigs. The in-house developed i-Timer stop-start system and the current Remote Monitoring System also contribute to a cleaner environment.

The new collaboration – in which state-of-the-art battery technology plays a key role – should lead to the next step in the development of completely emission-free foundation rigs. These are expected to be available for hire already at the beginning of 2022. Deliveries for sale will follow shortly afterwards.

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