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D&A medical group joins Conclusion | NPM Capital

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June 30, 2021
D&A medical group joins Conclusion | NPM Capital

D&A, a consultancy firm specialised in digital data exchange programmes in health care, will be joining IT services provider Conclusion. D&A has been a preferred supplier for hospitals, rehabilitation care institutions and mental health care providers for twenty years, supporting large-scale digitalisation processes and electronic health record (EHR) implementations. As a part of Conclusion, D&A will now gain access to best practices and solutions from other industries.

D&A's focus is primarily on consulting, process improvements, and project and programme management. That made it a natural partner for Furore, an IT specialist in health care and scientific research, which has been a part of Conclusion since 2017. Furore specialises in smart applications of data in health care processes. By joining forces, D&A and Furore will be even better equipped to meet the digitalisation needs of health care institutions, such as applications, process optimisation, data exchange, data & analytics, and digital information and services for patients and clients. As a part of the Conclusion ecosystem, D&A will continue to work as an independent organisation.

Ann Ouvry, D&A's CEO, welcomed the new partnership and expressed her confidence that it will lead to new insights and mutual inspiration. "The mission of D&A remains unchanged: to contribute to better and affordable health care through the optimal use of information and digital technology. By bundling our knowledge and expertise with our Conclusion partners, we'll be able to advise our clients even better in their journey to a digital and data-driven future," she said.

Ouvry is not the only one who sees a unique opportunity. Bert Jan de Jongh, Director of Business Transformation at Conclusion, is also very pleased with the partnership. "The addition of D&A to our ecosystem provides Conclusion with a strategic advantage in a market where digital developments are rapidly accelerating. Health care providers from various segments are increasingly collaborating, blurring the boundaries between cure and care. A better exchange of data between these parties will be crucial to reap the rewards."

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