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Corporate bicycle leasing platform Hellorider to partner with multi-mobility provider Radiuz | NPM Capital

November 10, 2020
Corporate bicycle leasing platform Hellorider to partner with multi-mobility provider Radiuz | NPM Capital

Hellorider, a bicycle leasing company for employees, and Radiuz, an all-in-one mobility provider for employers and employees, are entering into a partnership. The move will see Radiuz further expand its range of sustainable mobility solutions, while Hellorider will continue to strengthen its position in the market.

Although Radiuz and Hellorider are both independent platforms, they share the same vision: making business mobility services as accessible as possible to employers and employees alike. Radiuz has established itself as an innovative and independent integrator of mobility services and offers businesses the freedom and convenience of shared travel services, public transport and other, often sustainable, solutions. Hellorider is a brand-independent bicycle leasing company that provides bicycle leasing solutions to car leasing companies, focusing on the sophisticated integration of software into the bicycle ecosystem, ranging from dealer networks and payrolling service providers to traditional vehicle leasing companies.

The new partnership with Hellorider has now made the option available for employers to include leased bicycles in their mobility budgets. Radiuz CCO Jeanot Knols believes the arrival of this new service couldn’t have come at a better time: ‘We’re seeing a rapidly growing demand for bicycle leasing services combined with other modes of transport. It’s currently quite complicated for employers to provide this service to their workers as an employee benefit due to the slew of government regulations, which is only going to increase starting next year. Through this new partnership with Hellorider, we will make multimodal mobility sustainable even more accessible to everyone.’

Hellorider Sales Director Wilfred Kiekebelt, who expresses delight at the partnership, notes that employees will soon have access to detailed information on their employees’ travel behaviour and expenses, which will facilitate the process of securing transport budgets and mileage allowances. Kiekebelt: ‘The Radiuz App knows when an employee is using a leased bicycle, their own bike, or one of the many other transport options available. This is going to be even more pertinent starting in January 2021, as the discontinuation of the flat-rate travel reimbursement will increase the amount of paperwork for human resources departments.’

According to Kiekebelt, there has been a sharp increase in the demand for bicycle leasing (particularly e-bikes), a trend the COVID-19 pandemic appears to have accelerated. Radiuz Sales Manager Christian Zielinsk agrees with his Hellorider counterpart: ‘A growing range of transport services, updated regulations and a dramatic shift in mobility needs are compelling employers to adjust their transport policies. Sustainability, flexibility and – administrative – convenience are essential to this shift, which is why employers are becoming more inclined to rely on a single package of different modes of transport, including cars or shared cars, e-bikes and public transport, as opposed to the traditional mileage allowance or company car.’

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