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Caspar de Haan and De Variabele pursue merger | NPM Capital

May 10, 2022
Caspar de Haan and De Variabele pursue merger | NPM Capital

Caspar de Haan and De Variabele, two innovative companies in the maintenance and sustainability management of real estate, announced their merger today. They will form a new group, within which both organisations will continue to operate under their own names. This enables both companies with strong regional profiles to better meet the increasingly complex and growing demands of housing corporations and care homes. This step lays the groundwork for future-proof growth and additional job creation. NPM Capital is engaged as a partner to support the group in this exciting new chapter.

Caspar de Haan and De Variabele, both family companies, have been building a solid future for many generations. They aim to pool their knowledge and experience to become a leading partner for real estate sustainability management and to even better meet the market demand for circular construction and affordable sustainability improvements to homes. This goal of market leadership can only be achieved by taking bold new steps regarding innovation and organisation. Accordingly, Cas de Haan, director of Caspar de Haan, and Bob Jacobs, Joep Burghouts and Ludwig Smits, process owners of De Variabele, signed the merger agreement [1] with full conviction on April 20.

Anticipating the market of the future

The two companies, totalling some 700 employees over 11 offices, are joining forces to accelerate further sustainable growth and to increase their impact in the areas of innovation, internal training, recruitment of top talent, and risk management. The companies will share their knowledge and experiences to optimise quality in the broadest sense of the word and further strengthen their regional positions. The merger will not result in major changes for employees, clients, and stakeholders. Caspar de Haan and De Variabele will continue to operate under their own names and manage their own relationships. The direct lines to clients and the low barriers to communication that characterise both companies will not be impacted: the new group will remain close to its roots in its various regions.

Ambition to grow into a national partner for sustainable real estate

De Variabele operates in the east and centre of the Netherlands, while Caspar de Haan is based in the southern provinces of Noord-Brabant and Limburg. By founding a new group, both organisations are empowered to look beyond their traditional regions. This merger is seen as a promising step and a firm foundation for further growth into a player with nationwide coverage. A partnership with NPM Capital enables the new group to make significant investments in long-term value creation.

“Similar to De Variabele,  Caspar de Haan is an innovative partner with a passion for real estate maintenance for housing corporations and care homes. In addition, it is a family business with many of the same core values . These similarities are highly important for a good collaboration. We are looking for partners that fit, which makes working together easier and more pleasant”, says Joep Burghouts, process owner of De Variabele.

Cas de Haan, director of Caspar de Haan attests this: “For our family business, it is now the right time for the next step. The increasing and more complex demand from customers requires a higher sense of innovation and different capabilities, which we can address better with a larger scale soon. Together with De Variabele and NPM Capital we have found two partners with whom we dare to take on the adventure to further grow.”

Leonard van Loon, investment director at NPM Capital: “This is NPM’s first step into the real estate maintenance sector, but definitely not the last. With Caspar de Haan and De Variabele we are building a strong foundation for future growth in this sector to ultimately become a leading partner in real estate sustainability management. This aligns well with our strategic investment theme ‘Sustainable Future’. We are looking forward to further shape this collaboration.”


[1] The planned merger is pending approval by the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM).



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