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Bergman Clinics opens a new clinic in Rijswijk with a focus on eye care | NPM Capital

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August 14, 2023
Bergman Clinics opens a new clinic in Rijswijk with a focus on eye care | NPM Capital

Bergman Clinics has opened a new focus clinic in Rijswijk. The new location offers the best possible eye care as a result of our ultimately modern complex with advanced equipment and facilities. The care provided here can be fully reimbursed by your health insurer, providing this is medically indicated and following a referral by your GP.

The opening of this modern, state-of-the-art location has enabled Bergman Clinics to respond to a growing demand for top quality, client-focussed treatments for plannable medical care. The specialisation Bergman Clinics is known for allows for very efficient working methods. This subsequently reduces access times and means more clients can be seen at an earlier stage.

The new location offers specialist treatments for a variety of eye diseases and conditions, including cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration. Clients can rely on a multidisciplinary approach, whereby experienced ophthalmologists work together with optometrists to realise the best possible care results. Cataract surgery is by far the most common procedure. Bergman Clinics | Rijswijk is expected to be able to help around 4000 clients get rid of their cataract problems every year.

The focus clinic has a brand new class 2 operating room at its disposal, especially designed for ophthalmic operations. The clinic also boasts twelve optimally equipped consulting rooms, allowing us to assist a large number of clients.

Dr Flora Berkhout is an Ophthalmologist at Bergman Clinics. She is very enthusiastic about the new focus clinic: “It’s hugely beneficial to form part of such a large ophthalmic organisation. We have gained an incredible amount of experience with eye care and how to organise this as optimally as possible in our other Bergman Clinics locations. I have personally worked at several Bergman Clinics locations: Ede, Den Bosch and Amsterdam. We can individually adopt each and every one of these best practices. Plus it’s certainly also going to be a very nice location. Fantastic for both our clients and our employees. Setting up this focus clinic together with the team is going to be a very exciting challenge to rise to!” according to Dr Berkhout.

Expansion of several care programmes later on this year
The new focus clinic will also be introducing other specialisms later on this year, in addition to ophthalmic care, including Skin & Vessels (dermatology & proctology), Woman (gynaecology) and ENT (ear, nose and throat). This will allow Bergman Clinics to offer an extensive care programme, making sure clients in Rijswijk and the surrounding area have access to top quality medical treatments in a variety of different areas.


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