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Bergman Clinics, ONVZ and Johnson & Johnson MedTech join forces | NPM Capital

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February 27, 2023
Bergman Clinics, ONVZ and Johnson & Johnson MedTech join forces | NPM Capital

Bergman Clinics, health insurer ONVZ and Johnson & Johnson MedTech (J&J) have initiated a unique partnership. They will be collaborating on outcome-focused care in the use of knee prostheses. The agreement to collaborate on a value based healthcare aligns with the ambitions of all three partners to enhance healthcare, improve outcomes for patients, improve patient experiences and keep healthcare affordable.  

Value based healthcare is aimed at maximising the value of healthcare for patients and reducing the costs of care. Bergman Clinics, health insurer ONVZ and J&J will be collaborating to improve the experience of patients who receive a full knee prosthesis surgery by improving their mobility and reducing pain. In addition, they aim to reduce the total economic impact of a knee prosthesis surgery that results from additional outpatient visits, pain management and physical therapy. 

The parties will test if the use of certain specific outcome indicators can lead to improvements when using the Attune (cemented) knee system of J&J (the "Attune Knee System"). If deployment of the Attune Knee System leads to improvements in one or more outcome indicators, the parties will initiate the second phase of the project, to explore how this added value can be accounted for in the contractual agreements between the cooperating parties, in the context of applicable laws and regulations.  

Bergman Clinics commented: "We are convinced that we can provide better and faster treatment to our patients by using innovative solutions that result in improved patient experiences and better health, while also contributing to cost management in the healthcare system. This partnership is a perfect example of that."  

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