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Bergman Clinics acquires Van Linschoten Specialisten | NPM Capital

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April 2, 2021
Bergman Clinics acquires Van Linschoten Specialisten | NPM Capital

Bergman Clinics and Van Linschoten Specialisten (VLS) merged in November 2020. By integrating VLS, Bergman Clinics expands its range of services with ENT (ear, nose and throat) care. The planned nature of ENT services makes it an excellent fit for Bergman Clinics, which specialises in providing health care in a focused clinical setting.

The acquisition of Van Linschoten Specialisten is Bergman Clinics' latest step towards providing widespread high-quality, client-focused and efficient planned medical care. Hans van der Heyden, CEO of Bergman Healthcare Clinics: "We're seeing the emergence of a health care landscape in which ENT care, too, will be increasingly provided through a national network of focus clinics. For that reason, we're especially excited to have Van Linschoten Specialisten on board. ENT care is a perfect fit for our vision on planned medical care. After all, VLS is renowned for its high standard of care and its expertise, with their specialised pediatric programme, for example. That makes VLS a natural candidate to help expand Bergman Clinics' range of health care services."

ENT doctor Rene Middelweerd, who works at VSL, adds: "We're happy that our ENT clinics will become part of Bergman Clinics. By combining the expertise of both organisations, we expect to be able to further develop our ENT services and build on the professional platform of Bergman Clinics."

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