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Zilveren Kruis and Bergman Clinics reach 3-year agreement | NPM Capital

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January 25, 2023
Zilveren Kruis and Bergman Clinics reach 3-year agreement | NPM Capital

Health insurer Zilveren Kruis and Bergman Clinics have reached a new multiannual agreement for the years 2023 through 2025. With their agreement, both parties contribute to maintaining the accessibility of planned care for everyone in the Netherlands. Short wait times, high quality, and personal care are at the heart of the agreement. By committing to multiple years of collaboration, the companies also create room to work together on innovation. For the coming years, both parties will have a shared focus on medical innovations, digital support services and suitable care. The agreement is an extension of the existing partnership and is aligned with the Integrated Healthcare Agreement (IZA) between the Dutch government and healthcare providers. 

Regional collaboration 
Regional collaboration is a crucial part of the Integrated Healthcare Agreement (IZA) in the coming years. Bergman Clinics is a national chain with focus clinics around the country. These focus clinics collaborate on a daily basis with regional partners like hospitals, general practitioners, and paramedics. The agreement with Zilveren Kruis provide an additional impulse to strengthen the regional role of Bergman Clinics. “By collaborating with regional partners and Zilveren Kruis, Bergman Clinics can continue to make an important contribution to keeping healthcare accessible. We are facing a situation with limited resources and a growing demand for healthcare. We are actively working with all our partners to limit the pressure on the healthcare system," said Emile van Oorschot, CEO of Bergman Clinics Nederland. 

Agreements that keep healthcare affordable and innovative  
The multiannual agreements contribute to keeping healthcare affordable, but they also offer Bergman Clinics sufficient margin to operate in the current challenging economic climate. The contracts allow for investment and innovation. “With these agreements with Zilveren Kruis, we are confident in a bright future and Bergman Clinics will be in a position to invest in the best possible care for our patients,” said Van Oorschot. 

With patients, for patients 
To keep healthcare in the Netherlands accessible and affordable, all parties in the healthcare system will have to work together, according to Bergman Clinics. However, the company believes collaborating with patients is the most important thing of all. Each treatment at Bergman Clinics starts with an intake between client and treatment provider, with the (digital) support of scientifically validated questionnaires, in order to determine the goals of treatment. The outcomes of treatments inform a continuous improvement cycle to ensure high and consistent quality. Part of the agreement with Zilveren Kruis is an external audit of effective and appropriate care, provided by research bureau i2i. 

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