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Yellowtail and Davinci Consulting join forces | NPM Capital

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May 3, 2021
Yellowtail and Davinci Consulting join forces | NPM Capital

Fintech company Yellowtail, part of Conclusion, has acquired Davinci Consulting from its industry peer Ohpen. Yellowtail designs, builds, and manages digital and data-driven software solutions for financial services providers. Davinci Consulting will offer complementary consulting expertise on mortgages, notarial services, and real estate. Together, the two companies will be able to serve their clients in a wide range of markets even more effectively.

The collaboration marks a further step for both companies toward market leadership in the field of digitalisation and innovation in the so-called ‘housing, lending and living domain’. The two companies complement each other particularly well. Together, they will be able to implement innovations in this specific domain more rapidly and more effectively.
Davinci Consulting is the architect behind digital communication standards in the Dutch mortgaging, real estate and notarial services industry, providing services to leading data networks and professional associations. As a subsidiary of Yellowtail, Davinci Consulting will continue to provide its own services to its own customers under its own brand name. The two companies have chosen to base their headquarters in the current offices of Yellowtail in Naarden, the Netherlands.

Excellent cultural fit
 “Given our strategic ambition to expand into the entire housing, lending, and living domain, this acquisition is a big step in the desired direction for Yellowtail. Davinci Consulting is a fully complementary partner for our business and will allow us to accelerate the realisation of our market-leading ambitions. Their specific expertise with the Dutch networks of mortgage lenders (Hypotheken Data Netwerk), notaries and the real estate domain, are of great value to us," said Matthijs Mons, managing director of Yellowtail.

“We're very happy with our acquisition by Yellowtail. Not only do our value propositions align perfectly, we're also an excellent cultural fit, which will enable us to make this collaboration into a great success," said Robert Broek, director of Davinci Consulting. Burny Verbeek, Davinci Consulting's other director, added: "Both Yellowtail and Davinci Consulting distinguish themselves as industry specialists through an innovative approach, an ability to transform pioneering ideas into concrete results. This new step opens up many possibilities, not just for our customers, but certainly also for our employees."

Engbert Verkoren, CEO Conclusion, said: “Davinci Consulting is a valuable addition to our ecosystem, and the acquisition will enable us to offer high-value and distinctive solutions to our clients in the financial and notarial domain. It's wonderful to see everyone brimming with energy when we talk about the new opportunities that this merger offers. We're looking forward to starting our work together."

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