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Unique ISO 9001 certification extension for Rooftop Energy | NPM Capital

September 24, 2019
Unique ISO 9001 certification extension for Rooftop Energy | NPM Capital

In July 2019, EBN Certification extended Rooftop Energy’s ISO 9001 certificate. Rooftop Energy, which develops and operates solar power plants in the Netherlands, is the first combined supplier, financier and manager to have such a certificate extended. This development is a confirmation of Rooftop Energy’s commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards.

Leendert Florusse, Director of Rooftop Energy: “First and foremost, achieving and retaining the ISO 9001 certificate was made possible thanks to the work all our staff members. A seal of quality can only be effective if everyone is aware of it and acts accordingly. To us, quality is a prerequisite for doing business. Our customers, suppliers and financiers expect nothing less – and rightly so. Since we own the installations, maintaining top quality is of course also good for the Total Cost of Ownership.”

About Rooftop Energy
Rooftop Energy has been offering the corporate market full-service solar power plant solutions since 2011, including consultancy, installation, financing and asset management. With around 175 solar power plants, Rooftop Energy is one of the biggest independent providers in the Netherlands. The organisation operates totally independently of installation suppliers and energy producers, enabling Rooftop Energy to achieve the best possible technological applications.

The highly advanced solar power plants operated by Rooftop Energy make it possible for businesses to generate sustainable power, helping them reduce their CO2 emissions. Thanks to Rooftop Energy, a large and growing customer base of schools, care providers, SMEs and large companies have already achieved their sustainability ambitions.

Rooftop Energy and NPM Capital
In June 2019, NPM Capital acquired a majority stake in Rooftop Energy. This accelerated Rooftop Energy’s progress towards its goal: to strengthen its role in supporting its customers to achieve 100% sustainability.

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