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Partnership with NIBE allows Kiwa Group to strengthen its position in sustainable construction

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23 March 2018

In early 2018, NPM Capital portfolio company Kiwa Group started a formal partnership with NIBE, a consultancy specialising in sustainable construction based in Bussum, North Holland province. NIBE is engaged in the quantification of the impact of construction products on the living environment and advises clients on sustainable construction. The company will remain an independent entity and will continue to operate within the Kiwa Group.

In entering into this new alliance, Kiwa will also be strengthening the network with the NIBE partners: sustainability agencies such as the Dutch Green Building Council, Group4Wellness, the Duurzaam Gebouwd (Sustainable Construction) expert panel and the Dutch MVO (CSR) Platform. NIBE is regularly consulted on sustainable construction, and is therefore able to share a variety of information across a range of online and offline platforms. The partnership with Kiwa will allow NIBE to strategically develop its values. As a long-term shareholder, NPM Capital aims to further contribute to Kiwa’s growth.

As a multinational quality assurance company operating in the TIC (Testing, Inspection and Certification) sector, Kiwa performs inspections and certifications. The company also provides training courses and various data services. NPM Capital’s backing ensures that Kiwa, as a Dutch TIC organisation and certification brand, is given the scope to develop independently. Kiwa has been regularly acquiring other companies since 2011 in order to further develop its position as a leading global TIC player. NIBE’s independent and impartial certification services provide insight and transparency to clients in the construction industry as a standard for the quality, security and sustainability of building products and processes.

NIBE: closely involved in sustainability network

NIBE has been providing research, consultancy and design services related to the environment, health and construction for the past 25 years. The organisation serves a broad clientele in the construction industry, ranging from property developers to building product manufacturers. NIBE conducts research and/or provides advice in nine different areas: this might involve anything from the support of major location developments to specific issues related to materials. The consultancy also issues the DUBOkeur certification for sustainable building products and quantifies the impact of building products on the living environment. This knowledge and expertise is applied broadly and internationally: NIBE can, for example, draft an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) through which a product can be added to the national environmental database. 

The company also conducts Lifecycle Analyses (LCAs). NIBE arrives at a comparative Environmental Classification ( by calculating the shadow costs of building products during all stages of life (

Cover of NIBE Environmental Classifications (publication): NIBE issues environmental classifications such as DUBOkeur 

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