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On the dynamics between man and machine | NPM Capital

December 19, 2019
On the dynamics between man and machine | NPM Capital

How do the world of technology and the world of people relate to each other? While no ready answer is available, it’s clear that technology has the power to both outclass and enhance typically human traits. Eric Castien, founder and CEO of BrainsFirst, tells about tailor-made games that provide insight into candidates’ future performance.

In the related area of selecting new employees, new technological solutions are quickly gaining traction as well, says Castien. His company develops serious games based on the latest neuro-scientific research, through which organisations such as Air Traffic Control at Schiphol Airport can select candidates based on highly specific mental skills.

These customised games provide insight into candidates’ unique brain profiles, Castien explains. “We look both at what a specific position, role or responsibility requires from the brain in a professional sense and at the natural abilities of an individual brain. The more in sync those two are, the greater the likelihood of a good match and therefore of creativity, engagement and a sense of wellbeing. Unlike traditional HR professionals, we’re not so much interested in past performance (basically, your CV) or current performance (that is, demonstrating what you’re capable of right now), as in future performance. For example, it’s not particularly interesting to know that someone is a skilled controller now, when you consider that the field might have changed completely five years down the line. What we’re looking to find out is what the brains of the people you hire today will be capable of an X number of years from now.”

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