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Marry de Gaay Fortman joins Conclusion’s Board of Directors

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October 3, 2023
Marry de Gaay Fortman joins Conclusion’s Board of Directors

As of October 1st, Marry de Gaay Fortman has been appointed as a member of the Board of Directors of Business Transformation and IT service provider, Conclusion Group B.V. In this role, she, along with other members, will be responsible for overseeing the organization. The Board of Directors also includes Gerrit Oosterhof (Chairman), Stepan Breedveld, and Bart Coopmans.


An expert in Governance and Oversight

De Gaay Fortman's background complements the profiles of other members of Conclusion’s Board of Directors. As a lawyer and a partner at Houthoff, where she served as managing partner for six years, she specializes in governance and oversight. She was instrumental in the establishment of, now known as SER Topvrouwen and a part of the SER Diversity and Inclusion program. The foundation's goal is to increase the representation of women in top positions within Dutch business. Additionally, De Gaay Fortman holds various non-executive board roles, including serving as a commissioner at De Nederlandsche Bank. With Conclusion's international strategy and strong (financial) growth, De Gaay Fortman's expertise is precisely what the Board of Directors needs to provide guidance and oversight for the company in the next phase.


Gerrit Oosterhof, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Conclusion Group B.V., stated, "With Marry's knowledge, experience and diverse network, we have a director who can be of great value to the further development of our organization. We have a balanced portfolio and an international strategy, including the ambition to provide nearshore services. Our vision of a successful future aligns with Marry, and I look forward to our collaboration."


Marry de Gaay Fortman on her appointment, "I feel at home with a company that assists others in their innovation transition while maintaining a strong ESG commitment. With my experience, I hope to quickly make a contribution to further the national and international growth of Conclusion."

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