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LeasePlan Bank goes live at Ohpen platform with one million savings accounts | NPM Capital

October 24, 2019
LeasePlan Bank goes live at Ohpen platform with one million savings accounts | NPM Capital

Cloud banking provider Ohpen has successfully migrated the savings accounts from LeasePlan Bank to its core banking engine. The project was completed by migrating almost 1 million Dutch and German savings accounts and more than 17 million historical records. The smooth transition was the result of a close collaboration between LeasePlan Bank and Ohpen.

Ohpen, an NPM Capital portfolio company, is the world’s first cloud native core banking provider and became a market leader in the Dutch midsize banking market over the past few years. The fast-growing Fintech company administers retail investment and savings accounts for banks and other financial institutions.

Sander Frons, Director LeasePlan Bank:
“We set out to reduce our IT complexity and improve the flexibility, reliability and efficiency of our services. Meanwhile, we wanted to avoid any negative impact as much as possible during the transition phase. We’ve successfully achieved all of that. I’d say the migration and implementation to the purely cloud-native SaaS-solution from Ohpen was a textbook example of how such an operation should be run.”

Angelique Schouten, Board Member at Ohpen:
“More and more financial organisations want to increase the digitalisation and flexibility of their technology stack, and at the same time want to decrease their IT-complexity. In the case of LeasePlan Bank, Ohpen replaced several solutions from different providers with one platform. The move to the Ohpen platform, running on Amazon Web Services, makes LeasePlan Bank an efficient and future-proof bank operating in multiple countries.”

About Ohpen
Ohpen is the first SaaS core banking engine in the world that runs entirely in the cloud. Ohpen liberates its customers from their legacy systems, making them more flexible, safe, scalable and compliant. Founded in 2009 by a team of experienced bankers and software developers, the Ohpen platform administers savings and investment accounts for clients such as Aegon, Nationale-Nederlanden, Volksbank and other banks, investment institutions and insurers. The company employs over 120 people in the Netherlands and Spain.

About LeasePlan Bank
LeasePlan Bank, founded in 2010, is an online retail deposits bank and part of LeasePlan Corporation N.V. The company has a Dutch banking license and is supervised by the Dutch Central Bank (DNB). LeasePlan Bank is currently serving over 200,000 customers across the Netherlands and Germany with total savings deposits of approximately EUR 7.7 billion. It is committed to the careful management of its saving funds and will invest them only in LeasePlan Corporation’s core activity, namely vehicle Car-as-a-Service.

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