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Kiwa launches quality mark for COVID-19 prevention measures | NPM Capital

May 15, 2020
Kiwa launches quality mark for COVID-19 prevention measures | NPM Capital

Kiwa has introduced a quality mark which enables businesses and organisations to have their preventative measures against COVID-19 checked according to national and international regulations and supplementary branch guidelines. This quality mark allows businesses to demonstrate that they have taken all possible measures to limit contamination by the coronavirus. Center Parcs is the first organisation to have all its 15 parks in the Netherlands and Belgium, including the Sunparks facilities, independently checked by Kiwa.

With the relaxation of a number of corona restrictions, many organisations are seeking ways to continue operations in a responsible and safe way, on the basis of health guidelines which have been set by the national authorities or specific sectors. The Kiwa quality mark for COVID-19 prevention measures helps in this quest. As part of the check, the NPM Capital participation will conduct regular assessments which will check all protocols and prevention measures. If these measures fulfil the guidelines for preventing the spread of the coronavirus, this will result in a conformity statement from Kiwa.

The COVID-19 guidelines are based on the structure of international ISO standards. As a result, the Kiwa quality mark is perfect for combining with other management systems. This quality mark is suitable for almost all types of organisation: from hotels, stores, gyms, museums and other (public) organisations, to cleaning companies, hospitals and care homes.

Denise IJsselstijn, International Sales & Business Development of Kiwa: “With this quality mark, Center Parcs and Sunparks will soon be able to show their customers that they’ve done all they can to enable a safe stay in their accommodation. Once it can be proven, on the basis of independent testing by Kiwa, that Center Parcs and Sunparks in the Netherlands and Belgium have taken the necessary precautionary measures, visitors can be reassured that the accommodation, facilities, pools and hospitality outlets can be used safely. We are delighted that we are able to be part of this.”

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