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Kiwa Germany increases capacity for testing medical equipment | NPM Capital

May 19, 2020
Kiwa Germany increases capacity for testing medical equipment | NPM Capital

Kiwa Primara GmbH has expanded its capacities regarding testing of medical devices and components, in order to contribute to the fight against the corona pandemic. Medical device tests are now available even faster. The company was founded in 2010 as Primara Test- und Zertifizier-GmbH and is part of Kiwa Germany since September 2018.

”I am pleased that we can maintain and even expand our testing options, particularly in this area,” says Valentin Haug, Managing Director of Kiwa Primara. ”We acted quickly and can thus react adequately to the current needs of the industry.” Kiwa Primara GmbH has been offering testing services for active medical devices as an accredited testing laboratory since 2002.

About Kiwa
Kiwa is one of the global top 20 businesses operating in the field of testing, inspection and certification (TIC). Kiwa’s service focuses on increasing confidence in its clients’ products, services, processes, systems (including management systems) and employees. Kiwa is active in diverse market segments, from construction to drinking water and from food, feed and farm to energy provision. The firm’s clients operate in sectors such as industry, corporate service provision and the public and private utilities industry, as well as within governments and international organisations. More than 4,500 people are employed at Kiwa’s business units around the world, in more than 40 countries in Europe, Asia and Oceania, and Latin America. The company’s annual revenue tops €500 million.

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