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Jumbo selects Conclusion Enablement as strategic IT partner to realise its data and tech ambitions | NPM Capital

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April 28, 2022
Jumbo selects Conclusion Enablement as strategic IT partner to realise its data and tech ambitions | NPM Capital

Supermarket chain Jumbo has selected Conclusion Enablement as its strategic IT partner to help realise its ambitions regarding Cloud & Enablement services and Workspace & Customer Care. The partnership was established in May 2022. Jumbo seeks to further develop its attractive omnichannel customer experience, offer top quality at Jumbo prices, and strengthen its position as a robust, entrepreneurial organisation. Flexible, scalable, secure and innovative technology will be required. Through this partnership, Conclusion Enablement will provide important support to Jumbo to help realise these ambitions.

Cloud & Enablement
With its Jumbo Tech Campus, Jumbo largely develops its own technology in-house. This enables developers to focus their efforts entirely on their primary goal: realising enhanced and distinctive functionality for the users of Jumbo's digital channels. A key strength of Conclusion Enablement is the (software) developer experience. Conclusion Enablement offers modern, secure and continuously accessible cloud platforms based on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, ensuring that all tools, automation and building blocks are available for use. Combined with its cloud enablement services, Conclusion Enablement optimally supports dozens of development teams to access all available tools.

Workspace & Customer Care
In addition, Conclusion Enablement provides a modern workspace for more than 15,000 users. Here, too, the user experience is at the heart of their efforts: the environment is continuously optimised based on user feedback. The Customer Care team will also actively facilitate operational service integration with IT partners within Jumbo's head office and distribution centres, among others.

Tim Hehenkamp, Tech & Data director at Jumbo, said: “What drew us to Conclusion Enablement was our cultural match. For us, the customer always comes first, and Conclusion approaches users in the same way. With their differentiated approach, we are able to offer custom-made services, from the relatively basic to the very advanced, to the developers in our DevOps teams, for example. Furthermore, Conclusion Enablement's knowledge of cloud services will help accelerate Jumbo's digital transition. Finally, we were very impressed with their focus on quality. We are looking forward to experiencing the value and strength of Conclusion's services and the wide range of assistance they can provide.”

Gert Heysteeg, director of IT-services and board member at Conclusion, said: “We are very proud to be connected to a strong brand like Jumbo. The socially relevant character of Jumbo combined with their ambitious entrepreneurship is perfectly aligned with Conclusion's identity. From the very start, we had a real sense of partnership. We will be launching innovations together and challenging our teams to look ahead to the next big things. We look forward to realising the strategic objectives alongside the Jumbo team.”

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