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HAK expands successful range of beans in standing pouches


4 August 2016

After successfully launching beans in standing pouches in 2015, HAK is expanding its range of beans this summer. The vegetable brand is introducing eight new varieties. These bean mixes can easily be added to any dish, without the need to drain them. The launch of these new products is part of HAK’s mission to increase the consumption of beans  and make it a staple on people’s menus.

Following the outstanding success of the standing pouches (lentils, small kidney beans, chickpeas, black beans), HAK is now adding four more new bean products to its range. Large kidney beans will now also be available in standing pouches, adding a bit more ‘bite’ to any meal. Besides the kidney beans, HAK is also introducing three bean mixes: red and brown beans, white beans and a pea-lentil-maize mix. 

Contemporary bean dishes

HAK is launching a range of bean dishes in standing pouches, inspired by some of the most popular contemporary recipes. Besides the regular bean dish with black beans, there will be a kidney bean chili dish, a chickpea dish and a lentil curry. With the beans seasoned with pure herbs and spices, these dishes are packed with flavour. Neither the dishes nor the beans (mixes) contain any added sugars or preservatives and both comply with the salt standard set by the Netherlands Nutrition Centre Foundation.