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‘Getting my hands dirty’ | NPM Capital

January 15, 2020
‘Getting my hands dirty’ | NPM Capital

Orthopaedic surgeon Ivo Buchholz also serves as Chief Medical Officer of NPM portfolio company Bergman Clinics. The combination of performing surgeries, daily interaction with patients, being an active part of the policymaking process and being involved on the commercial end of things means no day on the job is ever the same for him. We asked Dr Buchholz to describe the “best job in the world” in 10 keywords.

1. Business
“I started out as a physiotherapist and only qualified as an orthopaedic surgeon later on. I cut my teeth at a regular hospital, where I was soon appointed to a management position in addition to my medical work. During my tenure as a manager, I turned orthopaedics into a separate department, away from the rest of the hospital, as I was looking to change the organisational model. Even back then, I realised that when independent clinics can act more swiftly within the hospital, they can also attract more committed employees and improve team spirit. The work I do currently is basically a continuation of that, except on a much larger scale.”

2. Specialised clinics
“The methods and techniques we use in our medical treatments here are essentially not all that different from those used in hospitals. One difference, however, is that our organisational model is fundamentally different. We make clear choices – solely elective procedures in a number of common problem areas – and ensure quality through our more narrow focus and the large number of treatments. Our patients present to us for one specific procedure, and everything is tailored to that particular procedure. This creates possibilities which are simply not available in existing hospital models: a far more efficient process, short waiting lists and friendly and personal service.”

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