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Conclusion proposed acquisition myBrand | NPM Capital

August 15, 2018
Conclusion proposed acquisition myBrand | NPM Capital

Conclusion intends to take over the SAP service provider and knowledge partner myBrand in order to consolidate its position in the SAP market and improve its service to customers in transforming and ensuring the continuity of their SAP environments. Today, the organization has submitted an application to the Dutch Authority for Consumers & Markets. The proposed acquisition will become final once approved by the competition authority. The merger of myBrand and Conclusion Xtensional will create a strong SAP service provider in the Dutch market with broad expertise in the new SAP world – a world characterized by technology such as S/4HANA, both on-premise and in the Public Cloud.

This strategic move will enable Conclusion to strengthen its ecosystem, so that it can provide more effective support to its customers in terms of operational continuity, digital transformation, IT outsourcing, and structuring application portfolios. From now until 2021, Conclusion aims to further build on its solid position in the SAP market and become a market leader.

The next step

myBrand is still owned by De Hoge Dennen Capital, which acquired a majority interest in the company in 2015. Thanks to the strong growth and development myBrand has experienced in recent years, both companies decided that it was time for the next step. Since 2016, Conclusion has been owned by the Dutch investment company NPM Capital, part of the SHV family business. The details of the proposed acquisition have not been disclosed.

The new organization

Following the completion of the proposed acquisition, myBrand will become part of the Conclusion ecosystem. Alongside its existing sites in Amstelveen, Apeldoorn, and Geertruidenberg, it will have a fourth site in Nieuwegein that will be formed by the current Conclusion Xtensional. Jan Riksen, currently the director of Conclusion Xtensional – Conclusion's SAP business – is joining the new organization's management team. Seger Theuns, the director of myBrand, will stay on as the Managing Director.

Joining forces

Engbert Verkoren, the CEO of Conclusion, explains: ‘Conclusion is an IT service provider focusing on business transformation and IT services, including IT outsourcing. Working with the 22 companies in our ecosystem, we focus mainly on areas of social relevance such as safety, transport, and healthcare. Our strength as an IT service provider is to combine domain knowledge and knowledge of customer organizations with high-quality, in-depth technological knowledge and expertise, driven by our motto ‘Business Done Differently'. After completion of the proposed acquisition of myBrand, we will increase and consolidate our strength, specific expertise, and position to provide innovative support to companies and governments in their digital transformation. Within our ecosystem, our thought and work processes are always geared towards our customers' business – and we take responsibility. myBrand's mission is perfectly aligned with this ethos. The new setup will enable us to improve the way our SAP solutions help organizations, as part of which we take responsibility for a customer's transformation to a new arrangement and for the continuity of the existing and future environment.’

Seger Theuns, the Managing Director of myBrand, says: ‘This is a strategic step for myBrand. It brings us a step closer to achieving our ambition of becoming the leading SAP service provider in 2021. Supported by our commitment to taking responsibility, our mission will remain our cornerstone. The strength of Conclusion is that all IT companies within the organization leverage each other's competencies. It's an ecosystem that myBrand is delighted to be part of. The clear synergy between myBrand and Conclusion enables us to simultaneously expand and improve the services we offer to customers. The merger is the product of power: all members of the ecosystem reinforce each other in terms of their knowledge and culture.’

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