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Conclusion enters a new phase of international growth

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January 17, 2024
Conclusion enters a new phase of international growth

Business transformation and IT service provider Conclusion has embarked on a new phase of international growth to serve its clients beyond the Dutch borders. Following growth in the Netherlands and capacity expansion through nearshoring in Portugal, Spain and South Africa, the company, a challenger on the European market, means to build Conclusion ecosystems in Germany and Portugal in the near future. Some changes in the organization’s management, aimed at simultaneously maintaining a good focus on client services and the continued growth and development of the Dutch ecosystem, were introduced as of January 1. The Dutch management team has expanded to eight people and is now headed by Seger Theuns, while Bert Jan de Jongh concentrates entirely on the international portfolio and Engbert Verkoren continues to have end responsibility for the group.



Building new ecosystems in Western Europe

For ten years, Conclusion worked on its position in the Dutch market as a quality leader in business transformation and IT services. Now, with a balanced portfolio and over thirty expert companies, Conclusion has sturdy, long-lasting foundations. As the call from clients for Conclusion to help with their international ambitions grows ever stronger, the IT service provider has decided that the time is ripe for this move, with a particular emphasis on building distinctive ecosystems for business transformation and IT services in Western Europe. At the same time, Conclusion continues to expand its nearshoring and offshore capacity to support those ecosystems, and what it refers to as a 'one-shore delivery approach'. The first step in the development and growth of the new ecosystems is to make larger acquisitions to provide the necessary platforms and building blocks, generating faster growth abroad compared to the growth of the Dutch ecosystem of the past decade.


Changes in the Dutch management

In addition to these steps, changes have been made to the organization’s management to maintain its powerful focus on clients, recruitment of new talent, and the growth and development of the Dutch organization. Bert Jan de Jongh is now responsible for the companies in Portugal and South Africa while the Dutch Executive Team still includes Seger Theuns, who has taken on a new role as General Manager for the Netherlands, Emiel van Boxtel as CFO and Director of Business Services, and Gert Heysteeg as Director of IT Services. Directors from the Conclusion companies, Geesje Boon, Michiel Kroeks, Mark Elstgeest, Matthijs Mons, and Roel Knoppers, are augmenting this team so that every domain of Conclusion's portfolio is directly represented in the Dutch Executive Team.


CEO Engbert Verkoren retains ultimate responsibility for the group, including the network around it and its contacts with the shareholders and various clients, and he and Bert Jan will focus on the internationalization. Speaking of this new phase of growth, Engbert says: "Responding to the needs of our clients is incredibly important to us. We always want to be close to our clients, so we must grow to match their international ambitions. Understandably, I am very much looking forward to assisting our clients, not only in the Netherlands, but in the rest of Western Europe too. The fact that representatives from all areas of our ecosystem sit at the Board table in the Netherlands makes it even easier to provide added value for our clients, as it means more coherence, making our ecosystem even stronger."




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