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Adamant Renewables and Rooftop Energy sign partnership agreement | NPM Capital

November 5, 2019
Adamant Renewables and Rooftop Energy sign partnership agreement | NPM Capital

Adamant Renewables and Rooftop Energy signed a partnership agreement on 11 September 2019 for the development and construction of new solar energy projects in the Netherlands. While Adamant Renewables specialises in development, Rooftop Energy will be involved mainly in the construction and funding of the joint projects. The two companies intend to jointly develop and construct a total of around 50 MWp in new solar energy projects over the next three years. The first three projects are scheduled to become operational by the end of this year.

About Rooftop Energy
As one of the largest developers and operators of solar power plants in the Netherlands, Rooftop Energy has constructed around 175 solar energy systems since its establishment in 2011. By managing the entire process – including design, funding, preparation, installation and management – the company provides full support to its clients, while the latter instantly achieve triple returns (social, promotional and financial) without the need to invest. In addition to large rooftop solar systems for corporate clients, Rooftop Energy also develops ground-mounted installations, including covering structures for parking decks and solar energy systems for waste disposal sites. The Rotterdam-based NPM Capital portfolio company employs a staff of around 30 people.

About Adamant Renewables
Specialising in solar energy in all its forms for the commercial and industrial markets, Adamant Renewables has also embraced non-traditional solutions, such as developing projects involving mixed land use, floating solar energy farms, and carports. With the Dutch population rapidly moving towards the large-scale use of solar power, Adamant Renewables contributes to this trend by using its in-depth knowledge and wide experience every day for the construction of successful projects throughout the Netherlands. The company is confident that this new partnership with Rooftop Energy is a valuable opportunity to expand its development, funding and operational strategy.

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