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KUBO provides 7.8 ha Ultra-Clima greenhouse to Haoyu group in China | NPM Capital

Feeding the World
February 27, 2023
KUBO provides 7.8 ha Ultra-Clima greenhouse to Haoyu group in China | NPM Capital

Haoyu Group has successfully established its position as one of the leading players in China's horticultural industry by combining its exceptional industrial management and production expertise with modern horticultural technology. KUBO is proud to have delivered a 7.8 ha Ultra-Clima greenhouse with active cooling to the Haoyu Group for the year-round production of cherry tomatoes. 

If the Netherlands is the horticultural center of the world, then Shandong province is the "agri-garden" of China. In 2021, the total production of vegetables in Shandong will reach 88 million tons, the highest in the country. The annual production of vegetables has exceeded 80 million tons for 7 years. 

Due to the presence of natural factors such as a warm temperate monsoon climate, a long coastline, and low frequency of natural disasters, Shandong has been an important agricultural province since ancient times. Shandong province was also the first to come into contact with modern agricultural production techniques. As a result, agricultural cultivation, breeding, sowing, off-season vegetable growing technology, etc. are relatively mature in this area. Shandong is not only open to foreign knowledge about improving the quality and yield of vegetable varieties, but also constantly improves its own cultivation technology. The 7.8 ha Ultra-Clima greenhouse with active cooling supplied by KUBO is a good example of this. 

Modern horticultural technology 
The ultimate goal of this technology is to enable continued production in the challenging summer period marked by high humidity and high temperatures. Temperatures can reach 38°C with a humidity of 90% during the day and 32°C with a humidity of 98% at night. Alongside good project management and an experienced supervisor from KUBO, the construction of the project between July 2021 and March 2022 was well-managed by Kingpeng Group, one of the largest greenhouse builders in China. On March 31, 2022, the Haoyu Group started planting in this Ultra-Clima greenhouse. 

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