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Greenhouse Projects in Scandinavia

Feeding the World
April 11, 2024
Greenhouse Projects in Scandinavia

Scandinavia has the potential to become a significant market for vegetable production in greenhouses. NPM participant KUBO, a leading supplier of high-tech greenhouses, has partnered with WA3RM to establish 200 hectares of modern greenhouses powered by residual heat from industrial processes. This collaboration aims to transform Scandinavia into a hub for vegetable production by utilizing large-scale industrial projects to develop greenhouses using waste heat. These initiatives are expected to significantly improve self-sufficiency in vegetables for Sweden and Scandinavia, potentially even turning them into net exporters.


WA3RM has developed a circular model that makes it profitable to grow vegetables in colder climates by using residual heat from industrial production. Together with KUBO, WA3RM is working on a first greenhouse project in Sweden, covering approximately twenty hectares for tomato production, compared to the current forty hectares of greenhouse area for tomato production in the country. The growing demand for sustainably produced plant-based food drives this initiative, addressing global issues around food production such as water shortages and fossil fuel emissions. By partnering with KUBO, WA3RM gains access to decades of valuable expertise in building advanced greenhouses, ensuring a sustainable and efficient solution for vegetable cultivation.


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