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Dieseko subsidiary Woltman delivers first large electric foundation machine to BAM Infra | NPM Capital

Sustainable Future
April 20, 2023
Dieseko subsidiary Woltman delivers first large electric foundation machine to BAM Infra | NPM Capital

The 90Dre, the first large electric foundation machine, has been handed over to BAM Infra Nederland by Woltman, part of Dieseko Group. This innovative rig is the result of intensive future-oriented research and cooperation. The 90DRe is now being deployed completely emission-free on its first project.

The multifunctional Woltman 90DRe can drill, drive foundation piles and drive sheet piles. It weighs 105 tonnes, is 36 metres high and can install sections up to 33 metres long. On the built-in 200KWh battery pack, the crane can manoeuvre and load and unload itself. A battery pack and counterweight of 1,000KWh will power a drilling motor, for example. Woltman chose the combination of a smaller and a large PM electric motor for maximum efficiency in energy use. 

A precondition in the development was safety. On all fronts, this electric powerhouse has been designed and secured for safe use. BAM played an important role in the choice of an electric-hydraulic drive system, where hydraulically driven drills or vibratory hammers can also be used. 

The Woltman 90DRe is now the top model in the Woltman range of foundation rigs and has already attracted a lot of interest from the market. 

Sustainability Strategy 
The development of this first all-electric foundation machine is in line with the Dieseko Group’s ‘Founding the Future’ strategy. This focuses on the path to an emission-free construction site in 2030. To this end, Dieseko has identified spearheads in new developments, including zero emissions. This first electric paver can save up to 500 litres of diesel per day, resulting in an annual saving of 220,000 kg of CO2. 

The first 90DRe was personally handed over to Jan Kardux (Manager BAM Infra Funderingstechnieken) by Dirk Smulders (CEO Dieseko Group) on 23 February during a festive gathering of all parties involved.  

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