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Why companies choose NPM

Flexible ­investment horizon

We have no predetermined holding period and therefore no pressure to realise an exit within a specified time frame. This gives us the opportunity to look further ahead than just the upcoming years:

  • Building on long term value creation
  • Continued involvement and support throughout the full holding period, also in challenging times 
  • Ability to invest in long term projects
  • Optimise exit timing for all shareholders

Majority and minority stakes

We can invest both as majority and as minority shareholder. This among others allows us to support family companies with funding while providing them with the opportunity to maintain a majority stake

Buy-outs en growth capital

We invest both via traditional buy-outs and by providing growth capital. The latter allows us to invest in fast growing companies, in which we can continue to provide funding also after an initial investment.

Proactively stimulate entrepreneurship

We stimulate management teams in their entrepreneurship and proactively support them:

  • Trust- and transparency based governance model
  • Limited debt funding gives management room to focus on operations
  • Appoint supervisory board with relevant expertise
  • Active support in among others strategy, M&A, HR and reporting

Ample supply of capital

With SHV as a shareholder, we have ample supply of capital and the ability to provide follow-up investments in our portfolio companies also after the initial equity investment.

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