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Original cornerstone from 1837 ceremonially returned to its place at Gastenhuis Oosterbeek


2 May 2019

The original cornerstone of the former Dreyeroord hotel was ceremonially returned to its place in early April 2019. The cornerstone was now laid for the construction of Gastenhuis Oosterbeek that will be opened at the same location. Elderly care format Het Gastenhuis focuses on people who suffer from dementia, with the emphasis on personal attention and on the individual remaining in control.

Alderman Jasper Verstand (Renkum Municipality), Annemieke Bambach (Director of Het Gastenhuis) and Jan Willem van der Straaten (former owner of Dreyeroord) attended the ceremony. “Het Gastenhuis is an excellent addition to the range of healthcare services we have on offer in our municipality and we are delighted to see Het Gastenhuis being successfully realised at this location,” said Alderman Verstand to the audience gathered for the ceremony. Van der Straaten spoke on behalf of his family: “We as a family wholeheartedly support the construction of a new Dreyeroord for a vulnerable group of people who can spend the autumns of their lives at such a beautiful and caring place.”

Het Gastenhuis, which is an NPM Capital portfolio company, has opened a number of small-scale homes for a maximum of twenty residents in quick succession since its establishment in 2014. It does this in collaboration with real estate partner Amvest. A key aspect of the format is that each Gastenhuis has a live-in care couple. The location in Oosterbeek will be managed by Ralph en Rina Kos.

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