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Digital talent-matching platform for specialized IT-professionals

2016 - present



Dynasource is on a mission to make the technology services industry work better.

Out of the office, as consumers, we’re all well served by platforms designed to help us make smarter choices about where we eat or where we stay. In the office, decision makers don’t enjoy access to anything like the same kind of information.

Dynasource believes that choosing a technology services partner to help deliver a significant IT project is one of the most important decisions any business can make.

Today, traditional means of building a shortlist – running an online search – asking around within your network – soliciting a recommendation from a vendor – all yield very subjective results.

Dynasource exists to change that. The Amsterdam-based startup is working hard to bring transparency to the IT services industry – to help customers better understand what prospective technology services partners are really capable of – by aggregating data regarding who they employ and what product and industry skills these professionals possess.