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De Variabele & Caspar de Haan

Sustainability Improvements and Maintenance of Real Estate

2022- present


De Variable

De Variabele and Caspar de Haan are two innovative companies in the maintenance and sustainability management of real estate and are active in the East and South of the Netherlands. De Variable and Caspar de Haan pursue the common goal to become an industry leader that fully unburdens her clients in terms of sustainability management and maintenance of real estate. The collaboration enables both companies with strong regional profiles to better meet the increasingly complex and growing demands of housing corporations and care homes. By doing so, the organisations contribute to improving the sustainability of affordable housing. The companies have merged to one group, but both organisations operate under their own names.

WebsiteCaspar de Haan & De Variabele

For more information on De Variable & Casper de Haan, contact NPM Capital, Sven van Betuw via