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Bergman Clinics

Chain of private clinics for plannable medical care

2011 - present


Bergman Clinics

Bergman Clinics is the largest chain of private clinics for plannable medical care in the Netherlands. Bergman Clinics focuses on treatments in orthopedic care, eye care and skin care that are covered by the Dutch health insurance system. Additionally, Bergman Clinics offers specialist care in the area of gastrointestinal and pelvic floor disorders. Bergman Clinics has 52 clinics across the Netherlands and circa 1500 employees.

Since 2011, NPM Capital has an interest in NL Healthcare Clinics. Following the merger with Bergman Clinics in January 2019, the combined entity continues as Bergman Clinics.


For more information on Bergman Clinics, contact NPM Capital, Stijn Jonker at