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High-tech Kiwa KOAC vehicle measures all road properties in one go


28 February 2019

Kiwa KOAC has integrated new subsystems into its skid-resistance-measuring vehicle which allow it to measure all functional properties of any road track in just one go. This eliminates the need of using three or four different trucks. The high-tech device will be collecting data on approximately 50% of the Dutch road network over the next five years. The measuring activities got underway on 1 February 2019.

Europe’s largest vehicle already measured skid resistance, road texture (roughness) and longitudinal unevenness, and new features such as a 3D laser scan device have expanded these capabilities to include rutting and cracks in the pavement. By integrating all these systems into a single measuring truck, NPM Capital portfolio company Kiwa can operate far more efficiently, as well as reducing carbon emissions and traffic disturbance.

Major challenge
The biggest challenge during the development stage was processing the massive amount of data (a minimum of 3 to 5GB for each kilometre measured, with a production capacity of up to 300 kilometres a day) and installing the numerous sensors. These had to be mounted in such a way that none of them impacted each other. For instance, the water track created during skid resistance testing must not affect the 3D laser scanners, which need a dry road surface to operate correctly. Another challenge was the development of software tools that unlock the full potential of the data collected – this is not yet possible at this stage owing to the high level of detail involved.

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