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De Variabele Group and partners sign code of conduct to reach climate goals

Sustainable Future

27 February 2023

Factory Zero, Takkenkamp Group and De Variabele Group have signed a Code of Conduct to implement the CTRL2050 way of thinking and working. By signing the Code of Conduct, all parties express their support for the method. The CTRL2050 process, which is available at no cost to all clients and partners involved in renovating and maintaining social housing, is designed to make it easier and cheaper to improve the sustainability performance of social housing. The initiators hope to contribute to the global climate goals towards 2050. 

Social responsibility 
The primary goal of the initiators is to transform the way of thinking used by clients and partners in renovation and maintenance. By translating their broad base of experience into a concrete thinking and working process, the work to improve the sustainability performance of social housing in the Netherlands can be significantly accelerated. CTRL2050 can be used for 40% of this real estate portfolio. 

CTRL2050 was collaboratively developed by Factory Zero, Takkenkamp Group en De Variabele Group. With this method of thinking and working, they are making their expansive knowledge and expertise regarding sustainability management in social housing available to others. Several parties have already expressed their interest. 

CTRL2050 can be adopted by anyone who wants to use it, on the condition that they use the philosophy and methods correctly. A training to support the use of CTRL2050 was developed in collaboration with BOB-KOB. Once an interested party has followed all training modules, the formats for CTRL2050 are made available for free.