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Mentaal Beter joins forces with Van Rhoon Psychologen


10 January 2019

Healthcare providers Mentaal Beter and Van Rhoon Psychologen have merged effective 3 December 2018. The merger gives both organisations the opportunity to expand their services and shorten waiting lists. It also ensures the continuity of Van Rhoon Psychologen’s activities.

Van Rhoon Psychologen provides psychological care for children, young people and adults in the Drechtsteden region of the Netherlands. Marga van Rhoon-Bitterman, who was until recently the owner, and her staff have become employees of Mentaal Beter. Their clients are able to continue their treatment with their current practitioner.

Mentaal Beter will occupy larger surgeries in Drechtsteden, including a new main location in Zwijndrecht that has twelve offices. Van Rhoon Psychologen’s Basic Mental Healthcare (Generalistische Basis GGZ) offering will be expanded to include specialised mental healthcare and a psychiatrist. This is how Mentaal Beter, an NPM Capital portfolio company, is responding to the increasing demand for mental healthcare in this region. Marga van Rhoon-Bitterman has been responsible for Mentaal Beter Drechtsteden since the merger.