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Kiwa launches large-scale road measurement project


25 April 2019

Kiwa has launched a large-scale road measurement project for the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management. Around half of the Netherlands’ motorways (approximately 6,500 kilometres) will be checked for damage and evenness over the next five years. The objective is to leverage this project to enable vehicles to drive safely and comfortably on Dutch motorways. The project will take until at least 2023 to complete.

The Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management is responsible for maintaining the motorways in the Netherlands and it has commissioned Kiwa to carry out the road measurements. Kiwa KOAC will conduct this project using the Laser Crack Measurement System (LCMS). It is a 3D laser scan system that enables meticulous imaging of road surfaces. The system automatically identifies abnormalities such as rutting, roughness and cracks in the surface.

Kiwa KOAC provides research facilities and expertise in the field of mobility infrastructure. It is the only organisation in the Netherlands to offer services spanning the full spectrum from consultancy, research and road measurements to laboratory research, quality control of public works and transfer of knowledge. Kiwa KOAC’s clients operate in the fields of roads, airports, industrial estates and dike facings.

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