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Kiwa and NEN develop a secure e-mail standard for the health sector


12 May 2020

The Netherlands Standardisation Institute (NEN) has partnered with Kiwa to develop a standard that will guarantee the security of care facilities’ e-mail systems. In view of the sensitivity of patient data and other medical information, security is a priority. The new standard recently passed Kiwa’s test of its real-world effectiveness.

Suppliers of e-mail systems have committed to making their systems compliant with the standard for secure e-mail within a year following the publication of the new NTA 7516 technical standard, which NEN issued in mid-May 2019. To check whether suppliers really satisfy the standard, their systems are tested by an independent certification organisation such as Kiwa, an NPM Capital portfolio company. Suppliers that demonstrate compliance with NTA 7516 requirements receive a certificate.

To ensure that audits comply with the NTA 7516, NEN joined forces with software providers and certifying bodies, including Kiwa, to develop the NCS 7516 certification scheme, which sets out the rules for uniform testing of the standard. Given the importance of certainty that the scheme will be effective in practice, Kiwa and other certifying bodies recently conducted a joint ‘validation audit’ of two e-mail system suppliers, SecuMailer and ZIVVER, bringing the introduction of the NTA 7516 standard one step closer.

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