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Hendrix Genetics shares expertise to enhance Black Tiger shrimp production in Bangladesh


6 June 2019

Animal genetics market leader Hendrix Genetics and the Bangladesh Shrimp and Fish Foundation (BSFF) signed a multi-year agreement to share knowledge and to use innovative technology for the development of Black Tiger shrimp production in Bangladesh. The goal is to enhance quality, availability and sustainability of this crustacean.

The cooperation benefits both the shrimp industry in Bangladesh and the main importer, the European market. Bangladesh's famous Black Tiger shrimp is in high demand because of its highly sustainable and its near organic process of production.

President of BSFF, Syed Mahmudul Haque, and Managing Director of Hendrix Genetics Aquaculture, Neil Manchester, have signed the agreement during a seminar in The Hague, the Netherlands, for representatives from government, businesses, academia, and a high level visiting delegation from Bangladesh. The seminar was titled ‘Shrimp Technology: How Bangladesh can be benefitted through cutting-edge Dutch technology’. A number of Dutch experts, including Dr Robbert Blonk from Hendrix Genetics, presented their findings on shrimp manufacturing technology, feed nutrition and genetics. The objective of the seminar was to promote the shrimp sector of Bangladesh through adopting sustainable aquaculture practices as well as marketing of Bangladeshi shrimp products in the Dutch markets.

Hendrix Genetics and BSFF
Hendrix Genetics, headquartered in the Netherlands, is a leading company in the fields of animal genetics. It has a multi-species focus, with core activities in the breeding of layers, turkeys, guinea fowl, pigs, salmon, trout and shrimp. Backed by a strong portfolio of leading brands, Hendrix Genetics provides expertise and resources to producers in more than 100 countries, with operations and joint ventures in 25 countries and nearly 3,400 employees worldwide. The NPM Capital portfolio company has a continuous focus on R&D aiming to achieve improvements in genetic characteristics and animal welfare. With this, Hendrix Genetics is dedicated to delivering a sustainable contribution to the global food challenge.

Bangladesh Shrimp and Fish Foundation (BSFF) is a non-profit private organization focused on research, advocacy and targeted actions at all level of value chain in the fisheries sector, aquaculture and shrimp industry in Bangladesh. For more than a decade BSFF has been consistently working to generate much needed dynamism to the fisheries and aquaculture sector with a view to realizing its rich potential.

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