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Hendrix Genetics launches new products for Chilean salmon industry


21 February 2019

Animal genetics company Hendrix Genetics optimized the selections for Atlantic salmon in the different Chilean regions using specific requirements. These are developed in the sophisticated salmon genetics center in Catripulli, Chile, and based on numerous sentinel groups in different locations under different conditions. The new salmon products are Explorer and Challenger. Explorer is available from April 2019 in limited quantities.

As a multi-species breeding company, Hendrix Genetics knows that genotypes show differences in performance in different traits, caused by the environment. This is the so-called ‘genotype by environment’ effect (GxE). Especially for Atlantic salmon in different Chilean regions, harvest weight differs greatly between families. When selecting the 10% best families for production in a specific region based on performance in that region, an average gain of 802 grams can be realized compared to selecting families based on data collected in another region.

Hendrix Genetics is a leading company in the fields of animal genetics. It has a multi-species focus, with core activities in the breeding of layers, turkeys, guinea fowl, pigs, salmon, trout and shrimp. The company has over 3,000 employees that deliver young animals and eggs to producers in more than 100 countries. It has a continuous focus on R&D aiming to achieve improvements in genetic characteristics and animal welfare. With this, Hendrix Genetics is dedicated to delivering a sustainable contribution to the global food challenge.

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