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HAK aims to get the Dutch eating more vegetables by introducing eleven new standing pouches


22 January 2019

HAK wants Dutch consumers to eat more vegetables and legumes and is consequently introducing eleven new products. The new products are all packaged in the popular standing pouches and made of 100% natural ingredients. What’s more, they are deliciously seasoned with herbs and spices, without any added sugars. The unique way in which they are processed ensures the vegetables and beans keep their delicious bite.

HAK, an NPM Capital portfolio company, has developed the new 1 portion bean dishes (three varieties) for the growing group of one-person households and for everyone who occasionally eats alone. The salad enrichers (four varieties) ensure salads contain enough vegetables and the vegetable dishes (four versions) gives people an easy way to ensure they eat their daily portion of vegetables.

Relatively young people in particular do not necessarily eat three meals a day at set times and order takeaway frequently. This group of consumers also tends to interchange hot and cold meals more often than traditional Dutch diners. And going a day without meat is very normal. HAK’s standing pouches dovetail perfectly with these consumers’ needs.

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