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First long-term agreement for Zilveren Kruis and Bergman Clinics


7 April 2020

Bergman Clinics, the Netherlands’ largest provider of elective care at focus clinics, has signed a three-year agreement with health insurance provider Zilveren Kruis. The organisations are joining forces to find sustainable ways to combine top-class, customer-focused care with the responsible management of care costs.

In the coming years, patients insured with Zilveren Kruis will continue to be offered high-quality, innovative care at more than fifty focus clinics run by Bergman Clinics. These clinics provide care in a range of medical fields from movement, eye care, skin care and blood vessel conditions to female genitourinary health and colonoscopies. NPM Capital portfolio company Bergman Clinics offers quality medical care, a personal approach and short waiting times.

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